Breda Flaherty

Leadership Associate

Breda's focus is on developing leaders and professionals in changing organisations, and she is particularly intrigued by professional cultures at work, and how these impact on the ways organisations change and develop. Breda has a 20-year track record in organisation development, leadership programmes, project management, and individual coaching.

Breda offers her practical and solution-focused approach to developing medical leaders, executives, clinicians, managers and practitioners across the spectrum from frontline services to strategic and national bodies. She has a specialist interest in developing medical and clinical leadership, and leads on management and leadership for doctors at the Brighton & Sussex Universities Medical School.

Breda works by invitation with professionals and their teams on change issues, conflict resolution, public involvement, and on producing national service standards or organisational strategies. Breda holds associateships with the NHS Institute (NHSI), focusing on patient and public involvement, and with the British Association for Medical Management (BAMM), focusing on difficult colleague relationships in teams and services.