Anita Goraya

Leadership Associate

Anita is an experienced GP, working as a GP Principal in Hertfordshire from 2005 to 2011.

She has been the E&N Herts PCT Commissioning co-lead for Diabetes Services since 2009 and has contributed to a major service re-design for the provision of improved quality services for 20,000 Hertfordshire patients with diabetes. This has included co-writing new clinical guidelines for DM management in primary care and developing a three year LES (Locally Enhanced Service) for GPs.

Since April 2012, Anita has also taken on the role of CCG commissioner for COPD services. She has thus learned about the importance of clinical leadership, relationship-building and whole systems transformation through hands-on engagement in a real life context and brings these insights to The King's Fund Leadership programmes.

Anita is also a GP trainer and an LMC representative in Hertfordshire. She has a background in writing for the GP press and continues working as a sessional GP.