Our values

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We are ambitious about pushing ourselves further to build the leadership and culture we need to enable our people to work at their best. We are committed to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation and living up to our values in everything we do. This will shape how we work with each other and with people across the health and care system.

We are committed to our purpose and independence

We will focus on making the greatest possible impact to achieve our vision of better health and care for all, always contributing from a position of independence.

We act with integrity

We will be honest, bold and challenging, seeking diverse perspectives and experiences, engaging in constructive dialogue and calling out injustice.

We are collaborative and inclusive

We will ensure that everyone feels respected, valued and supported, recognising that we will achieve more by working together and collaborating with others.

We are positive and engaged

We will celebrate success, value learning and promote positive cultures that support people to work at their best.

We strive for excellence

We will strive to produce work of the highest quality, continuously learning to improve everything we do.