Our values

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The King’s Fund is an independent charity working to improve health and care in England.

We are committed to our purpose and independence

Our vision that the best possible health and care is available to all is core to everything we do. We keep focused on what we can do that will make a difference to the quality of care and health outcomes. We are not aligned with any political or other interests and contribute from a position of independence.

We are collaborative and supportive

We recognise that our staff work at their best when they feel respected, recognised and supported by colleagues. We can often achieve more than the ‘sum of our parts’ by collaborating with each other and working in partnership with other organisations.

We are positive and engaged

We celebrate success and are inspired to constantly see potential for development and to seek opportunities to achieve better health and care.

We strive for excellence

We know that innovation, learning and leadership are at the heart of any high-performing organisation and are committed to making them central to the way we work. We aim to deliver the highest standard of work and services within limited resources.

We act with integrity

We strive to do what's right and are not afraid to ‘speak truth to power’. We base our views on what the evidence tells us; we are open to new perspectives and ideas and are respectful of difference.