LGBT+ equality at the Fund

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While our diversity and inclusion work initially focused on gender and race, we want to extend it to cover other aspects of equality. In 2019, we entered our first submission to the Stonewall UK workplace equality index. The index assesses LGBT+ equality across ten domains of employment policy and practice.  We ranked 482 out of more than 500 organisations submitting their data, highlighting that we have a lot of work to do to be more LGBT+ inclusive.  

To drive forward our work to ensure that The King’s Fund is an LGBT+ inclusive organisation, our recent activity has included:

  • Rainbow lanyards: staff members can opt to wear a rainbow lanyard and sign an allyship pledge, making their commitment to be an active ally and to model allyship in their behaviours in the workplace.  
  • Pride week: since 2019, we have celebrated Pride week. In 2020, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, we focused on intersectionality and in particular, the Black LGBT+ community. With an emphasis on education as well as celebration, in 2021 we explored the history of Pride, the evolution of inclusive language and how to be a good ally.   
  • LGBT+ staff network: LGBT+ colleagues from across the organisation have set up an LGBT+ staff network.  
  • Review of policies: we are updating our HR policies to ensure that they are LGBT+ inclusive. 
  • Awareness raising events for staff:  these events aim to inform staff and create a more inclusive workplace. For example, in April 2021, we welcomed NHS England’s LGBT health officer to talk to us about the issues facing trans and non-binary colleagues in the health and care system.  
  • Diversity Champion Scheme: in 2021 we are proud to join Stonewall’s diversity programme. We look forward to utilising this programme’s expertise and resources to drive forward our ambition to become a truly inclusive workplace for all.  

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