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Our broad knowledge of the health and care system and the relationships we hold across the system form the foundation of our work. We will continue to provide independent analysis, explain key issues and respond to developments across the breadth of health and care, making sense of a complex and changing landscape. This will include using our independence to speak truth to power and challenge vested interests.

What do we want to achieve?

The purpose of this work programme is to:

  • influence improvements to the way the health and care system is structured and funded, by providing independent analysis, commentary and research

  • shape and influence external debate on important topical issues that have a profound impact on the health and care system

  • make sense of how the health and care system works as a whole for people who work within it or need to understand it 

What will the programme focus on?

During 2022 we will see to shape and influence the external debate by:

  • continuing our work to influence major reform programmes the government’s reforms to adult social care and implementation of the Health and Care Act

  • updating our popular animation explaining how the NHS works to make sense of the changes brought in by the Health and Care Act

  • continuing our work to help our audiences make sense of the health and care system, including our health and care explained events, our online course, The NHS explained and our Social care 360 report on key trends in adult social care

  • alongside the Nuffield Trust, publishing the findings from the British Social Attitudes Survey on public satisfaction with the NHS and social care

  • providing analysis and commentary on the backlog of care and access to services.

Resources and key projects

Catch up with some of the programme's reports, projects and resources.

  • Provider collaboratives: explaining their role in system working

    What are provider collaboratives and how will they fit into the wider health and care system? Our explainer looks at how these structures could develop and the opportunities they offer.

  • The Health and Care Act: six key questions

    The Health and Care Act, which introduces significant reforms to the organisation and delivery of health and care services in England, received Royal Assent in April 2022. In this long r...

  • What will the government’s proposals mean for the social care system?

    As the government announces its plans to reform social care, here’s our quick guide to how the social care system works now – and how the government’s new proposals would change it.

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  • Supporting people and leaders

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  • Tackling the worst health outcomes

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