Key spokespeople

At The King's Fund we have experts on a wide range of health and social care issues.

We restrict our work to the NHS in England, and we aren't able to comment on specific patient cases, but we can offer on and off the record analysis on: primary care and GP services, care in hospitals, end-of-life care, community health services, NHS funding, patient choice, public health, long-term conditions, workforce planning, system reform, NHS governance and regulation, commissioning, social care, compassion in care and health inequalities.

If you would like to speak to one of our spokespeople, please contact our press office on 020 7307 2585 or email

Our key spokespeople

Chris Ham, Chief Executive

Chris Ham

Chris Ham is Chief Executive of The King's Fund. He is the Fund's main spokesperson and speaks on issues across health and social care.

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Richard Murray, Director, Policy

Richard Murray

Richard Murray
Richard Murray is Director of Policy at The King's Fund. He speaks on a broad range of topics, including finance, productivity and urgent and emergency care.

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Richard Humphries, Senior Fellow, Policy

Richard Humphries

Richard Humphries is Senior Fellow in Policy at The King's Fund. Richard is leading the Fund's work on health and wellbeing boards and speaks for the Fund on the reform and funding of social care.

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David Buck, Senior Fellow, Policy

David Buck

David Buck is Senior Fellow in Public Health and Inequalities at The King's Fund. David has written and commented on a wide range of issues around public health and inequalities.

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