Our impact

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It is challenging for an organisation like The King’s Fund to measure our impact. Changes to policy take time to bring about and implement, and it is not easy to assess the long-term impact of the support we provide through our leadership and organisational development work. Nevertheless, we are committed to evaluating and reporting on our impact. 

Bringing about change

The ambitions set out in our new strategy signify some significant changes, both in the priorities we will work on and how we will work. Over the next five years, we will bring together the resources at our disposal to focus them on our three strategic priorities and achieve the greatest possible impact. 

The levers we will use to bring about change include the following.

  • We will explain policy and make sense of the health and care system to support people working in and with the system.
  • We will shine a light on to issues where change is needed through our research and analysis, prompting and informing policy change locally and nationally.
  • We will offer new thinking, sharing ideas and examples to inform and inspire the future of health and care.
  • We will work directly with people, teams and organisations to help them develop more effective ways of working and grow the leadership capabilities they need.
  • We will bring together people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives through our events, programmes and networks, using our building to provide safe and stimulating spaces where people can learn and build relationships.
  • We will advise, support and challenge local and national leaders, applying our thinking, knowledge and understanding to the issues they are facing.

Impact stories

Here you can read a number of impact stories that describe the impact we are making against our strategic priorities. More detail about the impact of our work can also be found in our Trustees' Annual Report.