Become a corporate partner or supporter

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Through our corporate partner and supporter programmes, we aim to build relationships with businesses who are looking to support the Fund’s thought-leadership work into the improvement of health care, as well as gain greater insight and exposure to health policy debate.


Become a corporate supporter

The supporter programme provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your support of our aim, to improve health and care.

As a supporter you will gain increased exposure to health policy debate and unique networking opportunities with key audiences.

We also offer our supporters policy insight and understanding, knowledge-sharing briefings and high-profile marketing opportunities.

Supporter benefits:

  • Demonstrate your support for the Fund’s thought-leadership work to improve health and health care
  • Access valuable insights and in-depth understanding of current debate
  • Increase your visibility to key audiences
  • Meet and engage with new contacts from across the health and care system
  • Show that you are engaged with the health policy debate.

Become a corporate partner

Through our corporate partner programme, we aim to cultivate long-term relationships and build on synergies between the Fund’s areas of interest and our partner organisations’ expertise.

Central to the relationship between The King's Fund and each corporate partner is the co-design of a series of events for key stakeholders. These might include seminars, roundtable discussions or briefings, which aim to share insight and knowledge in support of the Fund’s vision that the best possible health care is available to all.

Each partnership is tailored in a way to best suit our partner organisation's needs and to allow flexibility in the way we work together.

Corporate partners also receive the full range of benefits offered to our corporate supporters, including access to conferences, invitation-only seminars and marketing and networking opportunities.

Contact us

For more information about these programmes, or other ways of working with The King's Fund, contact Chloe Smithers, at or call 020 7307 2482.

Further information

We aim to develop long-term relationships with our corporate partners and supporters; in recognition of the diverse nature of the health economy, we seek to facilitate interaction between the corporate sector (including our partners), the Department of Health, the NHS and academic researchers to achieve change within the health system.

The independence of The King's Fund is important to us. All partnerships are governed by our ethical collaboration policy. Income from the corporate partner and supporter programmes represents less than three per cent of our annual income.

We are committed to ensuring that any partnership is open and that there are no conflicts of interest that cannot be safely managed.