Pharmacy as an enabler of transformation: How can pharmacy best help to support transformations in care across hospital, community care, and home?

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Chris Ham: why a transformation in the way care is delivered is needed

Chris Ham looks at which transformations are necessary to enable the health care system to meet future challenges, and the role pharmacy might have to play in this.

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Paula Head: how could pharmacy help to join up care across the system?

Paula Head, Chief Executive, Sussex NHS Trust, explores how pharmacy could help join up care across the system - particularly with regard to community services.

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Neil Watson: what do hospitals need from pharmacy?

Neil Watson, Director of Pharmacy, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, discusses what pharmacy could do to help enable a transformation in care in hospitals.

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Shoshana Bloom: what are the greatest opportunities for pharmacy to help support meaningful transformations in care?

Shoshana Bloom, Director of Service Development and Innovation at Alliance Healthcare, discusses how pharmacy currently supports the health and social care system.

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Emma Lake: a patient response to the role pharmacy can play in transforming care

Emma Lake responds to the previous four presentations and discusses what she sees as the everyday medicine challenges faced by patients.

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About this event

This evening discussion explored the role pharmacy (across all settings – hospital, community, and support for home care) has in enabling transformations in the delivery of care.

The seminar was organised in partnership with Alliance Boots, through The King's Fund's Corporate Partnership programme.