About us

The King's Fund is an independent charitable organisation working to improve health and care in England. 

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Who we are

Our vision is that the best possible health and care is available to all. 

In 1897, the then Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, founded The King’s Fund to raise money for London’s voluntary hospitals. The work of the Fund has evolved over time in response to the changing needs of the population, but our mission – to improve health and care for all – has endured. 

The money invested in the Fund more than a century ago provides a substantial proportion of our income, enabling us to maintain our independence. We are not aligned with any political, professional or any other interests.

What does The King’s Fund do?

We aim to be a catalyst for change and to inspire improvements in health and care by:

Our work involves understanding developments, challenges and opportunities across health and care. We use this understanding to influence policy and practice and to help people navigate the complexity of the systems in which they operate.

We understand that our vision can only be achieved through collective action involving many organisations and sectors. We seek to collaborate with and learn from a broad range of partners – including local and national NHS organisations, local government, people using health and care services, the voluntary and community sectors and others – working together to achieve our goals.

Our values

We are ambitious about pushing ourselves further to build the leadership and culture we need to enable our people to work at their best. We are committed to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation and living up to our values in everything we do. This shapes how we work with each other and with people across the health and care system.

We are committed to our purpose and independence

We will focus on making the greatest possible impact to achieve our vision of better health and care for all, always contributing from a position of independence.

We act with integrity

We will be honest, bold and challenging, seeking diverse perspectives and experiences, engaging in constructive dialogue and calling out injustice.

We are collaborative and inclusive

We will ensure that everyone feels respected, valued and supported, recognising that we will achieve more by working together and collaborating with others.

We are positive and engaged

We will celebrate success, value learning and promote positive cultures that support people to work at their best.

We strive for excellence

We will strive to produce work of the highest quality, continuously learning to improve everything we do.