Map of technology and data in health and care

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Our interactive map brings together case studies from across England and the rest of world, highlighting some of the places that are experimenting with and implementing new technologies to achieve better health outcomes or more efficient care.

This map is not a comprehensive listing of all such projects – it is limited to a selection of case studies featured in our publications and at our events, plus the NHS test bed sites set up to evaluate the real-world impact of new technologies. We will add new case studies as we publish them.

Case studies

You can also view the case studies shown on this map through the following links:


Rest of the world

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#547716 Michelle Kirkwood
Knowledge Services Manager
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Would you be able to share with me the software you used to do that visualisation. We are constantly being asked to think of new ways to present evidence which goes beyond lists - Ive often though that a response to a request to present evidence from the UK/Around the world to be able to put a pin in a map and a link out to a short summary.

Ive also shared this with ehealth/ info management colleagues, very interesting, though it would be good to rustle up a couple of Scottish examples.

#547720 jameshiggott
Digital Communications Manager
The King's Fund

Hi Michelle,

I'm glad you find it interesting.

The map is powered by the Google Maps API. We also have a Google Fusion Table which contains information about each case study: coordinates, title and description. Some code in our website mashes the two together and this is the result.

You can achieve a similar result yourself with My Maps from Google:

And we'd be very interested to hear of any other examples. We plan to add to this map as we go with new case studies from our work.


#547721 Trevor Lakey
Health Improvement and Inequalities Manager
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Very interesting mapping and look forward to studying the examples in more detail. In response to Michelle's request (pure coincidence spotting this as was just browsing the site), we have just launched an EU-funded digital innovation programme, Aye Mind, based in Glasgow. This has used coproduction methods with young people and workers to curate and create a suite of digital resources for youth mental health promotion. Website is with an overview blogpost at Happy to discuss further or work up as a case study

#547723 John Crawford
Healthcare Industry Leader

This is a nice idea, we really need these kinds of visualisations of innovation to help us find where progress is being made. The European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing has collected a large number of 'good practices' from around Europe and has just launched a searchable database. You may want to connect with them to share ideas. Please keep this going, thanks.

#547727 Danny Wong
Research Fellow
National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia Health Services Research Centre

You can also do similar map visualisations with APIs from Mapbox and CartoDB. Or you can make them from scratch with leaflet.js and GeoJSON objects.

#547728 Jeremy Bland
Consultant Neurophysiologist
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Trust

You might like to have a look at how our website at integrates with our clinic and local care pathway for CTS - supporting data collection and diagnosis before patients ever get to us and facilitating communication and follow-up afterwards.

#547730 Leanne Ford
Communications and Engagement Lead

Hi there, would you be interested in adding SH:24 to this map - we spoke at your digital health and care conference last year and are now available in 6 UK regions, with more set to come on board

#547731 jameshiggott
Digital Communications Manager
The King's Fund

Trevor, John and Jeremy - thank you for your suggestions. I have passed them on to our Events and Policy teams.

Leanne - did you present or exhibit at the event? Or was SH:24 called something else? I can't see your presentation on last year's event page:

#547739 Michelle Kirkwood
Knowledge Services Manager
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Many thanks James. This has really inspired me, I have just uploaded literature search results on models of care with the location listed into Google Maps and it is really rather lovely. Trevor thanks for the reference, I m going to email you separately.

#547764 Leanne Ford
Communications and Engagement Lead

Hi James - we definitely presented last year but our presentation isn't there. I put it on our SH:24 slideshare account. We were on session 3 of the breakout sessions on the first day, T3D: Agile, digital innovation to deliver sexual health 24 hours a day.

I think we will be at an event of yours in October - one of your team was in touch recently, would be good to keep in touch. Best, Leanne

#547766 jameshiggott
Digital Communications Manager
The King's Fund

Hi Leanne - I see Gillian Holdsworth on the programme now. I'm guessing we didn't get your presentation on the day for some reason. Hopefully I'll see you in October.


#547801 Dr Philip Hampton
Consultant Dermatologist
Newcastle hospitals NHS Trust

Http:// . NHS Newcastle Dermatology have partnered with Newcastle University Openlab to develop a free app to allow patients to self monitor their skin conditions. The app is ideal to track response to treatment or to work out possible triggers. Mole monitoring schemes are in development . With the increasing demand for healthcare we need to make our patients more self sufficient and optimise the time that we have with them in clinic . Dr Hampton

#547804 Maria O'Loughlin
Engagement specialist
Health service executive & eHealth Ireland

Hi there,

This is so interesting. We have case studies on our website from all over Ireland :

I would love to speak to someone about whether we could add any of these to your map. I will definitely look at how we make our own map as well thanks so much !

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