A short history of social care funding

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Successive governments have tried hard to find a more sustainable and fairer way of funding adult social care. Since the late 1990s, attention has turned to the way care is funded and to finding a more effective and affordable way of sharing the costs. The issue has acquired political traction as rising property wealth has taken more people above the capital threshold and required more people to fund their care through the value of their assets.

The question of how to pay for care has occupied substantial political, policy, media and campaigning activity in the past 15 years. There have been two independent commissions, three consultations, five White and Green Papers and innumerable reports from think tanks, charities and other organisations.

This timeline shows developments in the social care funding system in England from 1996 to 2013. It can also be found in our paper: Paying for social care: Beyond Dilnot

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nursing lecturer
keele university

can barely see this as white against pale yellow background. needs changing.
other than that i love it waiting for this.

#40480 jo wileman
Programme Manager
Leicestershire County Council

I cannot access the presentation at all as the section under Watch the Prezi is completely blank!

#40481 sarah.tucker
Digital Communications Officer
The King's Fund
Hi Jo What are you using to view the prezi? Is it on IPad, phone, desktop? If you're using an IPad/IPhone you'll need to download the free prezi app to view, which you can download here: http://prezi.com/ipad/ Thanks Sarah
#40483 Marylynn Fyvie-Gauld
senior lecturer
University of Brighton

A really useful and informative presentation - is it possible to download it as I am concerned that as it is cloud based it may disappear!

#40484 sarah.tucker
Digital Communications Officer
The King's Fund
Hi Marylynn. You can also see the text version of our timeline in our 'Paying for social care' report - http://www.kingsfund.org.uk/publications/paying-social-care Sarah
#41240 Andrew Crooks
Engagement Officer
Care Opinion

Great presentation but how far further have we come in acknowledging more people need care and need their independence and, despite near breakthroughs with Self Directed Support and Individual Budgets, the funding allocated still seems universally accepted to fall short.

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