Examples of integrated care

Drawing on a number of examples, from international case studies to innovative primary care-based approaches to care co-ordination in the UK, we look at best practice in the delivery of integrated care.

Below you'll find our video and audio resources for the different types of integrated care.

Integrated care across whole populations

Kenneth Kizer: achieving integrated care in the US

Kenneth Kizer, former Under Secretary for Health at the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), shares how the VA health care system was transformed and gives his observations on achieving integrated care.

Jason Cheah: developing integrated care in Singapore

Dr Jason Cheah, Chief Executive Officer, Agency for Integrated Care, discusses how they are making integrated care work in the health and social care system in Singapore.

Stephen Shortell: Accountable Care Organisations in the US

Dr Stephen Shortell, University of California, Berkeley, discusses how Accountable Care Organisations work in the US.

Hannah Farrar: integrated care - London's programme of change

Hannah Farrar, Director of Commissioning at NHS London, gives an insight into how integrated care will be promoted across the capital.

Sharon Levine: Kaiser Permanente

Sharon Levine outlines how the Kaiser Permanente integrated care system in the US operates and describes the role of multispeciality medical practice in promoting integration.

Integrated care for specific groups within the population

Anthony Farnsworth: improving care for Mrs Smith

Anthony Farnsworth, Chief Executive of Torbay (Southern & Devon) Care Trust, presents Torbay's model of integrated care.

Aumran Tahir: integrated care in North West London

Dr Aumran Tahir presents the business case for the North West London Integrated Care Pilot.

Paula Furnival and Eric Robinson: integrating health and social care at scale

Paula Furnival and Eric Robinson give an overview of the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent health and social care partnership.

Katrina Percy: working with partners to deliver high quality health and social care services

Katrina Percy talks about the health system in Hampshire and the key elements of Southern Health’s integrated care strategy.

Dennis Kodner: integrated care models for frail older people

Dennis Kodner, International Visiting Fellow at The King's Fund, uses examples from around the world to discuss integrated care models for the frail elderly.

Integrated care for individual service users and their carers

Greenwich and Bexley Advanced Dementia Services

Dr Adrian Treloar explains how Greenwich and Bexley Advanced Dementia Services provide holistic and palliative care at home for people with advanced dementia.

Midhurst Macmillan Service

Jo Stuttaford and Sue Dewar share how Midhurst Macmillan Service provides palliative care in the community via a consultant-led multi disciplinary team.

Pembrokeshire – Community Care Closer to Home

Angela Watwood shares how care is delivered and how the approach has helped avoid hospital admissions and reduce numbers entering long-term residential care.

Sandwell Integrated Primary Care Mental Health and Wellbeing Service

Lisa Hill tells us more about Sandwell's integrated community service the service uses care co-ordinators who work with individuals with a range of complex needs.

South Devon and Torbay

Solveig Sansom explains more about South Devon and Torbay's predictive model and virtual ward.