Spending on health and social care: exploring the data

Our report, Spending on health and social care over the next 50 years, considers the drivers of spending on health and long-term care, and asks whether spending must or should consume such large proportions of GDP in the future, and the fiscal feasibility of this.

Here, we have created interactive versions of some of the graphs in the report. You can add or hide different sections of data to take a closer look, as well as seeing specific data points in each of the graphs.

International analyses of future health spending

This graph analyses the future health and social care spending decisions of the United Kingdom and other countries and pan-national organisations.

The financial sustainability of health care systems

McKinsey & Co calculated a best-fit time trend to historic data on health care expenditure as a percentage of GDP for individual countries, then projected the trend forward to 2040.

Long-term fiscal sustainability reports

This graph shows the projected future levels of health spending according to the Treasury and the OBR between 2002 and 2012.

A century of health spending

This graph summarises six attempts at projecting future UK health care spending, plus a simple extrapolated best-fit time trend.