The case for change slidepack

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Our Time to Think Differently programme has made the case for change and highlighted the trends that will influence the way health and social care is delivered in future.

To help you explore and share this work, we are creating a series of downloadable slidepacks. We hope that they will inform your thinking and discussions about the future of care.

The first pack in this series explores the pressures on the health and social care delivery system and why it needs to change to meet the challenges of the future.

You can download a powerpoint version of these slides here: The case for change slide pack. These slides cannot be edited in this format, but you can copy individual slides across to your own presentations. Please credit The King's Fund if you use the slides elsewhere.


#40642 jan saines
croydon council

interested to read

#40645 Peter Wallis
Consultant geriatrician
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

I am the lead geriatrician and our team is trying hard to get intergrated care and pre crisis frailty interventions improved. We already have front door elderly care teams working in A&E and offer rapid access admission alternative clinics through our elderly care day hospital. We need to do more in the pre hospital community setting to have a bigger impact.

#40646 Peter Wallis
Consultant geriatrician
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

We are eveloping front door admission avoidance schemes and need to build this pattern of care into community services too.

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