London's State of Mind

The King's Fund mental health inquiry 2003
Ros Levenson, Angela Greatley, Janice Robinson
In 1997, an inquiry from The King's Fund expressed serious concerns about mental health services under extreme pressure, including long delays and gaps in key areas such as crisis support.

This report presents the findings of a two-year inquiry into how far London's mental health needs and services have come since then.

It offers a comprehensive overview of substantial changes to policy and governance structures in London and nationally, and probes the special challenges posed by London's population.

Drawing on extensive consultations with mental health service users, carers, staff and policy-makers, it proposes key areas for development, including a London-wide strategy, primary care commissioning, and improved financial and service information.

London's state of mind publication cover

No. of pages: 178

ISBN: 978 1 85717 482 3

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