Has the government met the Public's Priorities for the NHS?

A King's Fund briefing for the BBC 'Your NHS' day 2004
John Appleby, Steve Dewar, Pippa Gough, Janice Robinson
In 2002, almost 150,000 people voted for their top five priorities for the NHS, as part of the BBC's 'Your NHS' day.

Their main concerns were: free long-term care for older people, better pay for NHS staff, shorter waiting times, improved Accident and Emergency departments, and cleaner hospitals. These priorities were presented to Prime Minister Tony Blair live on television.

In March 2004, the BBC ran a second 'Your NHS' day, to look at progress. It commissioned this independent assessment of progress from The King's Fund and used it as the basis for a series of radio and television reports.

Has the government met the public's priorities for the NHS? publication cover

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