Community Renewal and Mental Health

Strengthening the links
Marsaili Cameron , Teresa Edmans, Angela Greatley , David Morris
The government's commitment to promoting social inclusion, regeneration and developing sustainable communities presents real opportunities for promoting better mental health.

Poverty, depression, stress and relationship problems can exacerbate feelings of being isolated and excluded from mainstream society, particularly for people living in disadvantaged areas.

Community Renewal and Mental Health argues that agencies and partnerships need to work together to address the range of factors that can affect people's mental health.

A key requirement, alongside funding flows, is an integrated knowledge of mental health issues and an in-depth understanding of local communities.

This publication is also designed to help individuals and agencies learn about each other’s perspectives and find innovative ways to achieve common goals.

Community renewal and mental health publication cover

No. of pages: 54

ISBN: 978 1 85717 478 6

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