Does good health care score as highly with the public as education and protection from crime?

John Appleby
Publication:  British Medical Journal
Reference:  BMJ 2013;347:f4705

As part of its efforts to come up with new development goals from 2015, the United Nations initiated what could turn out to be one of the largest international surveys ever. The 'my world' survey aims to collect the views of people around the world on the things that concern them most about their lives. Currently, around 800 000 people have responded from 194 countries.

The survey with data collected online, by mobile phone, and face to face asks people to choose six aspects of their economic, social, and political life (out of 16 options) that are 'most important to [them] and [their] family.' The choices range from better education and an honest and responsive government to equality between men and women and action on climate change. So, what does the world vote for?

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