Community services must forge closer relationships with general practices

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Publication:  Inside Commissioning
Reference:  13 February 2014

Community services have historically been neglected by policy makers and are poorly understood.

They have often evolved in such a way that they are complex, hard to navigate and sometimes disconnected from GP practices.

To meet the needs of a changing population, with people living longer with more complex needs, England will need an estimated 13,500 additional beds at current service levels in the next six years. To reduce this need, we need to reduce stays in hospital: either by reducing admissions or speeding up discharges.

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#41686 Angela M Cavill...
Carer/Disability rights Campaigner

If our experiences are anything to go by , "Care in the Community = No Care at all". our fight to get the right services goes on, details more. Disconnect between all services is hampering efforts to have truly integrated health care.

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