Introduction to the British Social Attitudes survey 2014

Since 1983, the National Centre for Social Research’s British Social Attitudes survey has asked the public – rather than simply patients – about their views on and feelings towards the NHS and health care issues generally. This is page 2 of 8 of our full report.

The latest survey was carried out between August and September 2014. It presents a picture of the public’s satisfaction with the way the NHS runs, with important services, such as GPs, inpatients and outpatients, and with social care provided by local authorities.

Here we present the top-line results and trends from the survey. A further paper, co-authored by NatCen and The King’s Fund covering these and the results from a number of other health and health care questions, will be published as part of NatCen’s annual British Social Attitudes report in spring 2015.

In the following pages we give an overview of changes in satisfaction levels over time together with analyses of satisfaction by sub-groups of the population, such as respondents’ recent contact with the NHS or not, or party political affiliation.

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