Acute care collaborations

The NHS five year forward view proposes a new care model  for smaller acute hospitals. These may include the formation of ‘hospital chains’ as operated in Germany and Scandinavia, or some services being offered by specialised providers on satellite sites.

To complement these models, NHS England and Monitor will examine new approaches to medical staffing, and other ways for smaller hospitals to achieve sustainable cost structures.

Key publications

Future organisational models for the NHS: perspectives for the Dalton review

Future organisational models for the NHS front cover

Future organisational models for the NHS front cover
Ahead of the Dalton review, our paper explores some of the organisational models that providers could use to meet their current strategic and financial challenges.

Hospitals: Is bigger better?

Nigel Edwards Facewall

Nigel Edwards
Nigel Edwards discusses the problems often faced by smaller hospitals and looks to offer a solution as to how these problems can be overcome.

From the blog

Has Dalton found a way forward for struggling organisations?

Chris Naylor

Encouraging leaders to take on new responsibilities will be challenging at a time when financial pain is driving many organisations to focus inwards rather than outwards, says Chris Naylor.

The end of the hospital as we know it?

Paul Corrigan facewall

Paul Corrigan
How profoundly do hospitals need to change and will there be a place for the hospital as we currently know it in the health system of the future?