Day four: Our wishes for health and social care in 2014

For day four of our Advent Calendar, we asked Chris Ham, Candace Imison and Nicola Hartley to tell us their Christmas wishes for health and social care in 2014. You can read their answers below.

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Our Christmas wishes

Candace Imison, Acting Director of Policy

My wish for next year is that politicians focus on the real needs of patients and staff not producing political sound bites. Action and statements that may appear attractive politically can have significant unintended and adverse consequences at a local level. For example, the current emphasis being put on A&E means that many NHS commissioners are not investing time on local priorities where action will be more important for the longer-term health of their population.

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Chris Ham, Chief Executive

As financial and service pressures grow, the need for the NHS and local government to work together has never been greater. People with complex needs require care that is well co-ordinated as well as being accessible and responsive. My wish for 2014 is therefore that integrated health and social care gathers momentum and becomes a reality for patients and service users.

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Nicola Hartley, Director of Leadership

My wish for next year is that we have more females represented in senior leadership roles. For example, only 37 per cent of foundation trust directors are women, and a minority of them are in chair or chief executive roles. Similar disparities are found in medical leadership across primary and secondary care.

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