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2015 GSK IMPACT Award winners

Our congratulations go to the 10 charities who have won 2015 GSK IMPACT Awards for their outstanding contributions to improving the UK’s health and wellbeing. 

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About the awards

The GSK IMPACT Awards have been running since 1997 and are designed to recognise and reward charities that are doing excellent work to improve people’s health. They are funded by GlaxoSmithKline and managed in partnership with The King’s Fund.

The awards are open to registered charities that are at least three years old, working in a health-related field in the UK, with a total annual income between £25,000 and £2 million.

Benefits of winning a GSK IMPACT Award


  • up to ten winners will receive £30,000 plus the overall winner will receive an extra £10,000
  • up to ten runners-up will receive £3,000
  • you do not need to present a new project, and you decide how to spend the award money
  • award winners will be offered free training and development valued at up to £6,000

Free training

Award winners will be offered two free places on the GSK IMPACT Awards Development Programme. They will then be invited to join the GSK IMPACT Awards Network, which connects past GSK IMPACT Award winners, both online and at meetings held across the UK, allowing them to get and give support, share best practice and continue their professional development.

Publicity, films and national recognition

The awards provide organisations with an important quality mark. Winning organisations will be visited by a photographer, have a professional film made about their work and will receive support with press and publicity.

The GSK IMPACT winners will be presented with their awards at a high profile ceremony at the Science Museum in London in May 2015. With up to 400 guests in attendance, it provides an excellent opportunity to showcase work and raise profile.

Applications for the 2016 GSK IMPACT Awards

The 2016 GSK IMPACT Awards will be launched in July 2015. If you would like to receive details please email with your name and address. Thank you for your interest in the awards.

Development Programme

GSK IMPACT Awards Development Programme

As part of their prize the ten winning charities are given the opportunity to take part in a development programme and join our network of GSK IMPACT Award winners.

The intensive three-day programme focuses on developing leadership skills and gaining knowledge across a wide range of specialist areas. In 2014 participants worked on:

  • financial management and governance
  • evaluation and knowledge spread
  • digital that delivers
  • having difficult conversations and HR
  • approaches to service improvement
  • developing authority and personal impact
  • developing a range of leadership skills.

Organisations are then invited to take part in the GSK IMPACT Awards Network, which connects past GSK IMPACT Award winners, both online and at meetings held across the UK, allowing them to get and give support, share best practice and continue their professional development.

The Development Programme and Network, valued at up to £6,000 for each organisation, is funded by GSK and hosted by The King's Fund.

Feedback on the 2014 Development Programme

Previous participants commented on the excellent training and facilitation, its relevance to their work, how it motivated them and the unique value of working with other award-winning organisations facing similar challenges.

These are some of the comments from our 2014 programme:

  • 'It was the most inspirational training I have ever been on.'
  • 'The high calibre of the trainers was evident throughout. There was no session that I didn't get something out of (usually a light bulb moment!)'
  • 'I have returned to work more confident and positive and I have spent a great deal of time reflecting rather than just reacting to situations.'
  • 'I went to London with a clear idea of how I was going to recommend to the trustees we spend the £30,000 and came back with a totally different set of ideas. I will now be recommending some of the funds are used for staff support and development.'
  • 'I cannot express how valuable it was having time, in a safe environment, to reflect.'


GSK IMPACT Awards Network

The GSK IMPACT Awards Network is a unique learning network that supports health and wellbeing charities to develop their leaders, share experiences and expertise, and build the recognition of their significant and vital contribution to the health and social care system.

What does the GSK IMPACT Awards Network aim to do?

The GSK IMPACT Awards Network aims to:

  • develop leadership skills, providing participants with the skills to respond to the challenges of their environment
  • share experience, knowledge and expertise
  • build recognition of the charity sector's contribution to health and wellbeing.

Which organisations are involved in the network?

To become a Network member, a charity must have won a GSK IMPACT Award, for which they will have competed with more than 400 charities and have been through the rigorous assessment and judging process.

Network members' inspiring work is diverse, tackling health issues like childhood obesity, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol misuse, trauma relating to childhood abuse, social isolation of older people and healthy living. As well as helping those in need, their services can reduce pressure on health and social care services and can demonstrate impressive results.

More than 70 award-winning charities are now represented in the Network and are committed to ongoing professional development, collaboration and improving services for the people they serve.

How does it work?

The Network, funded by GSK and hosted by The King's Fund, was created in response to clear feedback from the GSK IMPACT Award winners who wanted to continue their professional development and joint work. A steering group, made up of award winners, helped us design the Network and jointly-run events. There is an emphasis on developing leadership skills - including influencing and improving personal impact and other skills that are critical for the sector.

Feedback from the charities taking part has been very positive; they report that the Network has a unique value, giving free access to excellent trainers and facilitators, peer support with no competition and helps them to work in a very challenging environment. Feedback from wider stakeholders suggests the Network offers valuable and unique expert advice on how to tackle some of the most entrenched, complex and costly health issues in the UK.

To learn more about the Network please contact:

Feedback on the GSK IMPACT Awards Network

  • 'Having access to excellent training is unusual, but the dual combination of excellent training whilst working with a whole range of award-winning charities who are all striving for excellence is unique.'
  • 'This Network provides a safe context where we, as a group and as individuals, can explore difficult and challenging issues.'
  • 'Working as a CE can be a lonely place to be sometimes. The GSK Network events offer so much to advance both personal development and support.'
  • 'I thought the facilitation was excellent, reflective and responsive, delivered with authority and knowledge.'

2015 winners

2015 GSK IMPACT Awards winners

Our congratulations go to the 10 charities who have won 2015 GSK IMPACT Awards for their outstanding contributions to improving the UK’s health and wellbeing.

The following organisations will receive a £30,000 donation, plus two places on a unique training and development programme and an invitation to join the GSK IMPACT Awards Development Network with its programme of free meetings and events. The overall winner will be announced at the GSK IMPACT Awards Ceremony on 14 May.

The winners

  • Alzheimer’s Support - based in Wiltshire, helping improve diagnosis and support for people with dementia.
  • CoolTan Arts - based in Southwark, helping improve the lives of people in mental distress through creativity, self-advocacy and volunteer opportunities.
  • The Deborah Hutton Campaign – based in Islington, helping prevent smoking among young people through peer-to-peer education and campaigns, including its Cut Films project.
  • Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – based in Islington, is the only UK charity supporting women affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities and focuses activity on raising the profile and understanding of the disease and ways to prevent it.
  • National Council for Palliative Care – a members’ organisation campaigning to help everyone approaching the end of life have the right to the highest quality care and support.
  • Neuromuscular Centre – based in Cheshire, providing physiotherapy, training and employment opportunities for those with degenerative neuromuscular conditions, as well as assistance for their carers.
  • Off the Record – based in Bristol, helping young people to improve their mental health and wellbeing.
  • RESTORE – based in Oxford, supporting people with mental health problems to gain or maintain employment.
  • The Junction – based in Leith, helping children and young people make positive choices that promote their health and wellbeing and reduce harmful behaviour.
  • Wave Trauma Centre – based in Belfast, offering care and support to anyone bereaved, injured or traumatised through the violence in Northern Ireland.

Runners up

The following runners up receive a £3,000 donation.