A clear vision for quality

Staff and patients should be able to recognise that providing high-quality − clinically excellent, safe and patient-centred − care is the main purpose of the organisation. This should be reinforced through everything they do.

Organisations' goals for improvement need to be consistent and clear. Staff, non-executive directors (NEDs) and governors should understand and be able to explain what their organisation is doing to improve care.

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Patient-centred leadership

This report summarises the main findings of the Francis Inquiry into the failings of care at Mid Staffordshire in relation to NHS leadership and culture.

Preparing for the Francis report: how to assure quality on the NHS

In this paper we set out our views on how the system of quality assurance, including regulation, needs to evolve, the principles on which it should be built and how it should operate.

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Julie Hendry, Director of Quality and Patient Experience at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, explains how the culture of care has since been transformed to ensure patients are safe and well-cared-for.

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Hiro Tanaka, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Aneurin Bevan Local Health Board, shares three personal stories which illustrate the important ingredients needed to transform patient care and experience.

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Making quality of care as important as quality of treatment

In his keynote speech at our 2012 annual conference, Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt called for quality of care to be as important as quality of treatment.

Putting patient experience at the heart of the agenda

Richard Gleave, Director of Patient Experience at the NHS Commissioning Board, discusses the role of the board and the key actions that are needed to put patient experience at the heart of the agenda.

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Candace Imison draws on some of the inspirational stories we heard at our 2013 Annual Conference to look at how the NHS could improve patient safety by learning from mistakes.

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The culture that patients are treated in is the one that we all work in, and if we are to learn from Francis and truly improve the NHS, it starts with us, says Donna Willis.

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Jocelyn Cornwell reflects on the Chief Nursing Officer's consultation paper, Developing the culture of compassionate care: Creating a new vision and strategy for nurses, midwives and care-givers.