EHE and dementia care: completed projects

The EHE programme to improve the environment of care for people with dementia has been funded by the Department of Health and involves teams from acute, community and mental health NHS trusts who are working on a range of projects across the dementia care pathway and seeking to make acute general hospital environments less alienating for people with cognitive problems.

Completed EHE and dementia projects

Using the hospital's Maidenhead surroundings as inspiration, the social spaces were improved.

This project aimed to encourage social connections with patients with dementia.

A balcony garden and adjoining social space were created for patient with dementia and their carers.

The aim of the project was to create a social space for visitors and patients in the assessment ward.

Improving the entrance, corridors and main social space has helped increase a patients' wellbeing in the dementia assessment unit.

A balcony garden was created, and a number of social spaces improved for patients.

Alterations were made to existing redevelopment plans to allow for access to the courtyard garden directly from social space.

The aim of the project was to encourage greater use of dining, social and garden areas in the assessment ward.

The entrance and day room were redesigned to ensure that patients, staff and visitors felt safe and valued.

The project has helped change perceptions of memory services by improving first impressions and creating a flexible multiuse space.

The aim of the project was to make the ward calmer and friendlier and also to help patients to find their way by using accent colours.

A redevelopment of the ward including a multi-sensory room for people with dementia.

The aim of this project was to create a palliative care suite for patients with dementia, with a private garden and space for relatives.

A welcoming space created where people can wait in comfort for clinics

The project has created an accessible and safe garden for patients in the courtyard.

A redesign of the dark and underused dining room and kitchen at Meadowfields.

A redesigned ward to reduce anxiety, risk of falls andchallening behaviours.

Creating a safe, dementia-friendly garden, which can be accessed freely by patients.

Two projects to improve bed bays and to create a garden for the dementia care ward.

A light, spacious and welcoming space was created for patients requiring ambulance transportation.

The project used natural light and clever room design to create a sociable, but calming environment.

New lighting and bold colours have transformed the reception and seating area for patients.

These projects used artwork and activities to evoke memories and provide a space for services users to enjoy time with their visitors.

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