Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust

Date started: 
Organisation:  acute
Service:  adult acute
Project:  A&E
The waiting room before the project
The seating area is now relaxed and informal
The artworks were inspired by nature

Project location

Accident and emergency reception area, King's Mill Hospital

Aims and outcomes

The team wanted to improve the overall look and feel of the waiting area and create a more tranquil environment for the accident and emergency department. The existing reception desk was enclosed in wood and glass, creating a barrier between patients and staff, and the rows of seating felt institutional.

Changes to the layout of the area included creating a dedicated area for children, moving the triage room to a better location, and creating a more open reception desk. A design based on natural objects was chosen for the waiting area, with artworks made by artists and local schoolchildren helping to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

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