Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Date started: 
Organisation:  mental health
Service:  mental health
Project:  gardens, wards
The courtyard before work began
Light boxes and Yard Art
A range of comfortable seating

Project location

Silver Birch Ward, Highbury Hospital, Nottingham

Aims and Outcomes

The aim of the project was to create spaces and places where patients with dementia, their visitors and staff would feel comfortable and able to engage with one another in this new PFI ward environment.

A silver birch theme was agreed and specific areas for improvement selected including the entrance, visitors' room, dining area, external courtyard and a small area at the end of the main corridor that had become a popular meeting place for visitors.

The main ward corridor is now alive with colour and light provided by mosaics and vibrant light boxes. A range of comfortable seating has been provided throughout. Opaque film depicting silver birch leaves now covers the lower part of the ward corridor windows, affording service much users more privacy. Access has been improved into the small courtyard patio area, which can be used year-round thanks to a new canopy. 'Yard Art' pictures of trees and further light boxes give interest to the outdoor space both day and night.

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