North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

Date started: 
Organisation:  acute
Service:  adult acute
Project:  public spaces
The corridor was previously dark and dreary
Light, art and colour have transformed the corridor
Informal waiting areas have been created


A 'communication corridor' at North Middlesex University Hospital, linking the x-ray department, intensive care unit, theatres, accident and emergency department, hospital chapel and wards in a nineteenth century building.

Aims and outcomes

The team selected the communication corridor as the focus of their project in order to have a high impact on users. The aim was to transform a dreary, dirty corridor into a light-filled space in which people could take pride.

The project would also provide better shelter at entrances to the corridor, create informal waiting areas and make it easier for people find their way around the hospital.

Colour, light, patterned flooring and artwork have transformed the main corridor and entrance area, and the hospital has been able to connect with local people by displaying donated artwork and developing a history project with a local writer.

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