Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Date started: 
Organisation:  acute
Service:  adult acute
Project:  outpatients
The waiting room prior to the project
The waiting room is now comforting and welcoming
Colour and light have created a warm ambience


The antenatal clinic waiting room at Homerton University Hospital

Aims and outcomes

As part of the clinic refurbishment scheme, the project team wanted to create a comfortable, interesting and positive environment in the antenatal clinic waiting room, suitable for all clients and families in Hackney’s multi-ethnic community.

The interior design scheme needed to reflect a safe, calming and nurturing environment, while enabling the area to be used for various activites including health promotion. The team also wanted to make the transition from the counselling room to the main public space less abrupt.

Colour and lighting was used throughout the waiting room to introduce a calm ambience, and visual clutter was reduced by laminating children’s books so that they could be left on tables, using perspex frames to organise notices, and displaying artefacts in cabinets along the clinic corridor.

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