Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

Date started: 
Organisation:  acute
Service:  adult acute
Project:  public spaces
The area was previously used as a marketplace
A more welcoming space for visitors and patients
Art on display in the new gallery space


The seating area in the main entrance to Ealing Hospital, the lift lobby and a gallery on the upper level used by intensive care unit visitors and staff.

Aims and outcomes

In redesigning these three areas, the project team sought to create a series of welcoming spaces throughout the hospital. For the seating area and lift lobby, bright and calm spaces were created to welcome patients and provide a good first impression to visitors and patients.

The design used in the lift lobby area would be used as a template for other lift lobbies in the hospital. In the upper-level gallery, the League of Friends' market was moved in order to create a new seating and gallery space for patients and staff.

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