The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Date started: 
Organisation:  acute
Service:  adult acute, end-of-life care
Project:  bereavement areas
The corridor to the mortuary before the project
Waiting room after the redesign
The new corridor with a signature image

Project location

Christie Hospital

Aims and outcomes

Following consultation it was decided to refurbish the rather drab and dated viewing room, waiting area and the sloping access corridor, often used for storage, that led to the mortuary. The viewing area was also included in the scheme.

Patients and staff created an abstract signature image for the project that has been used extensively in the refurbished corridor and waiting area. This same image will be used for future signs and information relating to bereavement services.

The corridor has been repainted and new flooring laid. Film has been placed to obscure the clear windows from the corridor onto the kitchen preparation area and seats have been provided for relatives to rest. The waiting room has been redecorated and a new lighting system installed with a small office created for a bereavement officer. New furnishings have been purchased both for this area and the viewing room.

The project was supported by the Christie Hospital Charitable Funds, the Trust's PPI Forum and Greater Manchester SHA.

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