Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Date started: 
Organisation:  community
Service:  dementia care, treatment area
Project:  social spaces
The social space before the project
The area is now open and light with plenty of comfortable seating
Patients can socialise with their visitors and each other
The screen features cuttings from the local Maidenhead newspaper


Henry Tudor Ward, St Marks Hospital, Maidenhead

Aims and outcomes

The aim of the project was to improve the social spaces and also to accommodate the physiotherapy and occupational therapy areas within the ward area. 

The redesign of the main social space and underused rehabilitation flat has enabled a large, flexible space to be created where patients can move freely between the refurbished seating area and a new dining space. Lighting has been improved and new furniture allows for a choice of seating. The centrepiece of the design is a commissioned floor to ceiling internal folding glass screen which features cuttings from the archives of the local Maidenhead newspaper. The screen can be used to divide the area when required.

The rehabilitation flat has been transformed to provide both integrated therapy areas and a dining space, which is also used for information and teaching sessions for patients and relatives.  The therapy area now includes a full flight of stairs and a quieter area for relaxation which features a stunning image of Maidenhead bridge.

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