Improving NHS culture: teamworking

Effective teamwork and collaboration form the fifth cultural characteristic fundamental to the delivery of continually improving, high-quality care.

Where multi-professional teams work together, patient satisfaction is higher, health care delivery is more effective, there are higher levels of innovation in ways of caring for patients, lower levels of stress, absenteeism and turnover, and more consistent communication with patients.

Leadership that ensures effective team and inter-teamwork (both within and across organisational boundaries) is essential if NHS organisations are to meet the challenges ahead. Shared leadership in teams is a strong predictor of team performance.

Essential reading

Reforming the NHS from within

Reforming the NHS from within front cover

Reforming the NHS from within front cover
We explore six case studies from the UK and abroad in which organisations demonstrate effective team and inter-team working.


Co-ordinated care in Pembrokeshire

Angela Watwood - teaser

Angela Watwood
We spoke to the team behind the Community Care Closer to Home programme in Pembrokeshire about how care is delivered and how their approach has helped to avoid hospital admissions. 

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Teamworking toolkits

Experience-based co-design toolkit
This toolkit outlines a powerful and proven way of improving patients' experience. As well as step-by-step guidance, the toolkit showcases the experiences of people who have taken part in EBCD projects.

Patient and family-centred care toolkit
Patient and family-centred care is a simple, step-by-step method for understanding which small improvements can make a big difference to patients, families and staff. This toolkit provides everything you need to run the approach yourself.