Completed Projects

These health and social care projects have been completed (see individual project pages for completion dates).

A review of leadership in the NHS

The 2012 leadership review examined the concept of leadership for engagement in health care, promoting engagement within teams, organisations and across the system to drive improvement.

A Transformation Fund to sustain the future of the NHS

The King’s Fund and The Health Foundation have called for a properly resourced 'transformation fund' to support change in the NHS.

Assessing the evidence on polyclinics

A major piece of research to find out if GP-led health centres can really deliver better, more integrated care and bring down costs.

Building high-quality commissioning: what role can external organisations play?

This project explores the role and impact that external organisations providing commissioning support services have had so far, and could do in the future.

Caring choices: the future of social care funding

A coalition of 15 organisations seeking to engage the public in debate about how social care should be funded and provided.

Choice at the end of life

The King's Fund evaluated Marie Curie's flagship Delivering Choice programme, which helps patients make informed choices about where they wish to die.

Clinicians' use of cost and quality information: the role of service-line management

This project looks at how clinicians, working alongside general management and finance colleagues, use data on cost and quality to help them to manage their services.

Co-ordinated care for people with complex chronic conditions

This project involved an in-depth examination of approaches to care co-ordination undertaken in primary care settings in different parts of the UK.

Commission on leadership and management in the NHS

With the NHS facing unprecedented financial pressures and about to undergo radical reform, our commission assessed the leadership and management needs of the NHS.

Commissioning and contracting for integrated care

This research project examined how clinical commissioning groups and other commissioners can use their commissioning powers to promote the integrated delivery of care.

Dalton review

Sir David Dalton has conducted a review for the government on new options for providers of NHS care. The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive considered issues such as whether local or non-geographical networks of hospitals and services could be brought together under a single leadership team.

Enhancing the Healing Environment

The Enhancing the Healing Environment (EHE) programme has encouraged and enabled nurse-led teams to work in partnership with patients to improve the environment in which they deliver care.

Environmental sustainability in health and social care

We worked with the NHS Sustainable Development Unit to establish what evidence is needed to support health and social care services to become more environmentally sustainable.

European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

The King's Fund is working with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies to take on the role as national lead institute for England.

From Ward to Board

This project examined the role executive nurses can play to influence the clinical quality agenda at ward level.

General Election 2010

During the general election we provided commentary and analysis on the health and social care issues of the three main parties. You can still see the manifesto guides, audio and video content and key election questions.

Health and health care in London

We have a long history of supporting the development of health care in London, dating back to our roots working with the capital's voluntary hospitals. Find out about our work on health care in London.

Health and Social Care Act

The reforms contained in the Health and Social Care Act are perhaps the most significant and far-reaching in the history of the NHS. Here we present our commentary and analysis on the reforms as they made their way from white paper to implementation.

Health and social care: the first 100 days of the new government

After 100 days in office, the new government's plans for health and social care are beginning to take shape. Here we explore the measures that have been announced so far.

Health and wellbeing boards: making them work

This project worked with two local authorities and their health partners to gain insight into how they are implementing health and wellbeing boards in the context of the NHS reforms.

Health Care Spending Review 2007

Our 2007 review of NHS funding and performance, led by Sir Derek Wanless.

Improving the public's health

This resource pulls together evidence from successful interventions across key local authority functions about ‘what works’ for improving health and reducing health inequalities.

Informed choice: helping patients make better decisions

This project explores whether or not comparative hospital data helps patients to make better choices.

Inquiry into the quality of general practice in England

The King's Fund ran an 18-month inquiry into the quality of general practice in England.

Kicking Bad Habits

How can primary care trusts best encourage people to change their behaviour and adopt healthier lifestyles?

Learning from other health systems

As part of our work to improve health care in England, we also look to learn from international evidence. Here is a selection of our internationally focused work, plus links to resources.

Learning network on integrated housing, care and health

The National Housing Federation and The King’s Fund have launched a joint learning network on integrated housing, care and health.

Making care fit for an older population

As people age, they are progressively more likely to live with complex co-morbidities, disability and frailty. Our health and care systems must transform to deal with this growing older population. See our related work and commentary on this topic.

Maternity services inquiry

An independent inquiry that began in late 2006 to find out what can be done make maternity care safer.

Measuring the performance of local health systems

In June 2015, The King’s Fund was commissioned by the Department of Health to review how the performance of local health systems could be assessed.

Mental health and long-term conditions: the cost of co-morbidity

We worked with partners to review the research evidence on the extent of co-morbidities and their impact on the quality and cost of care.

Mental health and the productivity challenge

This project explored opportunities to re-design mental health services in order to improve productivity, but without sacrificing quality of care.

NHS funding and finances

Financial pressures are growing, with large numbers of hospitals now in deficit. Here is a selection of our research, analysis and other content relating to NHS funding and finances.

One year on from the Health and Social Care Act

On the first anniversary of the Health and Social Care Act, we draw together some of our key resources and commentary on the reforms.

Partners for Health in London

This project aims to assist health care providers in London to make explicit their ideas and explanations about how and why particular health care innovations work.

Patient and Family-Centred Care toolkit

This toolkit provides everything you need to run the Patient and Family-Centred Care approach yourself.

Patient choice: how patients choose and how providers respond

This project examines the implementation of the patient choice policy and its impact on the quality of service in the NHS.

Practice-based commissioning

Our research from 2008 aimed to identify barriers limiting the success of practice-based commissioning.

Predicting and reducing re-admission to hospital

Between 2005 and 2007, The King's Fund was commissioned to produce software tools and models to identify individuals at high risk of re-admission to hospital.

Primary care

Primary care is one of the great strengths of the NHS, but it is coming under increasing strain. See a selection of our research, analysis and other content relating to primary care in England.

Progress made by the NHS in the past 13 years

Examining what progress the NHS in England has made since 1997 against eight criteria for a high-performing health system.

Quality and Outcomes Framework

Aims to examine the quality of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) on general practice, public health outcomes and health inequalities in England.

Quality in a Cold Climate

The NHS is facing the biggest financial challenge in its history. Our Quality in a Cold Climate project aimed to support the NHS in delivering productivity improvements required to meet this challenge.

Quality in community health services

The project explored how providers of community health services in England are monitoring, managing and improving the quality of their services.

Reducing acute care bed utilisation

Analysing how acute care beds are being used in the NHS in England, and considering the pressure placed on availability by the NHS reforms.

Safer Births project

The Safer Births programme enabled frontline professionals working in maternity units to improve the safety of the services they deliver to women and their babies.

Schwartz Center Rounds®

Schwartz Center Rounds® provide a monthly, one-hour session for staff from all disciplines to discuss difficult emotional and social issues arising from patient care.

Social care: reform of funding and delivery

Seeks to maintain the momentum for change to the funding and delivery of the social care system.

Specialists working in out-of-hospital settings

This project looked at new models of service provision in which specialists deliver, or facilitate the delivery of, care outside of the traditional hospital setting.

Technology in the NHS

Identifying what determines whether and how technology is adopted in the NHS, and how barriers to adoption and uptake could be overcome.

The 21st-century doctor

Aims to engage medical students around the country in the issues surrounding medical professionalim.

The Francis Inquiry report

Robert Francis’s report into the failings at the Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust was published in February 2013. Since then, issues of patient safety, quality of care and a culture of collective leadership have been in the public eye more than ever.

The future of community health services

Examines the issues faced by primary care trusts in determining the future of primary care services patients receive in the community.

The NHS after the Health and Social Care Act

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 created the most wide-ranging reforms to the NHS since it was founded in 1948. We look at six key aspects of the new NHS after the Act came into force.

The NHS at 65

The NHS turned 65 on 5 July 2013. To celebrate this special birthday, we published commentary and analysis of the health and social care system in England, including our animated alternative guide to the new NHS.

Transforming NHS provider services through social enterprise

Identifying the challenges for health organisations considering becoming a social enterprise, and the support they will need from the government.

Understanding patients' choice at the point of referral

Exploring the factors which influence patients when making decisions about which hospital to attend for treatment.

Vision for volunteering in health

This project looked at the role, size, scope and value of volunteering in the health and social care sector, and at how the health reforms will impact on volunteering.

Wanless Social Care Review

Looks at the challenges facing social care up until 2025, and the resources that will be needed to meet them.

Whole Systems Demonstrator Action Network (WSDAN)

The WSDAN programme looked at the use of telehealth and telecare in improving the management of long-term conditions.