Join the Commission's expert by experience group

Do you have experience of using both health and social care services? Are you interested in providing your views and advice on the design of future health and social care systems, based on your experience?

The King's Fund, on behalf of the Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England, are currently recruiting a group of ten experts by experience people who use or have recently used health and social care services, or who care for someone who has – to advise the Commission from now until they publish their recommendations in autumn next year.

Who are we looking for?

The Commission has been collecting evidence from stakeholders, patients and carers, and now they want to convene a group of experts by experience to advise them as they use this evidence and develop their recommendations.

The group will be made up of both those who use services and carers, to reflect a range of conditions that require both health and social care. We are also keen to hear from a range of ages, including those under 30 and also over 65, from across England.

The role of the experts by experience group

If you join the group, your role would be to advise and challenge the commissioners from a perspective based on experience of services, as their thinking develops. To do this, The King's Fund will support you by providing the context and content of the Commission's work as well as its remit. We will also share all other relevant documents with you to inform your advice.

Your advice will help to ensure that any final recommendations about the design of future health and social care services take expert by experience’s views into account.

The commitment

  • One full day (10-4pm) in London on Tuesday 19 November 2013 in which we'd share information with you on the current system and the Commission's questions and get your views to help inform the Commission's early thinking.
  • Your views on the Commission's interim report, published in March 2014. These could be provided either face to face, on the telephone or in writing.
  • A further face-to-face meeting between March and August 2014 to test ideas and explore trade offs.

The Commission will reimburse members for their time and travel expenses, and support those with particular requirements to participate fully.

Interesting in applying?

Please reply to Nikki King on or 020 7307 2676 if you are interested in becoming a member of the experts by experience group. If possible, please provide Nikki with details of:

  • whether you are someone who has used health and social care services or a carer
  • your condition/the condition of the person you care for condition
  • your age
  • where you live.

If you have any questions about the Commission please contact Richard Humphries, Associate Director at The King’s Fund, on 020 7307 2681. If you have questions about the process, please contact Becky Seale on 020 7307 2657.