Satisfaction with the NHS overall – results 2

The bar chart below provides an alternative summary measure of trends in satisfaction: net satisfaction, based on the difference between very and quite satisfied and very and quite dissatisfied.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Net satisfaction* with the NHS overall**

Net satisfaction with the NHS

In a total of eight years since 1983 respondents recorded net dissatisfaction with the NHS overall. Since 2003, net satisfaction has been generally growing each year – although despite an increase in satisfaction in 2006, a larger increase in dissatisfaction meant a fall in net satisfaction. In 2011 net satisfaction – although remaining high by historical standards – fell from 52 to 34 percentage points – a combination of a 12 point fall in satisfaction and a 6 point rise in dissatisfaction.

See Figure 1 for a graph of trends in satisfaction with the NHS since 1983

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