Our projects combine original research with objective analysis to influence health and social care policy, support managers in health care and generate informed debate.

Co-ordinated care for people with complex chronic conditions

This project involved an in-depth examination of approaches to care co-ordination undertaken in primary care settings in different parts of the UK.

Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England

The final report from the Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England is now available to download. Its 12 recommendations set out a vision for a more integrated health and social care service, simpler pathways through it and more equal treatment for equal needs.

Commissioning and contracting for integrated care

This research project will examine how clinical commissioning groups and other commissioners can use their commissioning powers to promote the integrated delivery of care.

Developing a proposal for a transformation fund to sustain the future of the NHS

The King’s Fund and The Health Foundation have called for a properly resourced ’transformation fund’ to support change in the NHS.

Enhancing the Healing Environment

The Enhancing the Healing Environment (EHE) programme has encouraged and enabled nurse-led teams to work in partnership with patients to improve the environment in which they deliver care.

Experience-based co-design toolkit

This toolkit outlines a powerful and effective way of improving patients' experience of services.

General election 2015

Analysis and commentary on the key issues in health and social care and coverage of what the parties are pledging in the run-up to the general election.


The GSK IMPACT Awards are designed to recognise and reward charities that are doing excellent work to improve people's health in the UK.

Health and health care in London

We have a long history of supporting the development of health care in London, dating back to our roots working with the capital's voluntary hospitals. Find out about our work on health care in London.

Health and Social Care Act

The reforms contained in the Health and Social Care Act are perhaps the most significant and far-reaching in the history of the NHS. Here we present our commentary and analysis on the reforms as they made their way from white paper to implementation.

Health and wellbeing boards: making them work

This project worked with two local authorities and their health partners to gain insight into how they are implementing health and wellbeing boards in the context of the NHS reforms.

Improving the public's health

This resource pulls together evidence from successful interventions across key local authority functions about ‘what works’ for improving health and reducing health inequalities.

Integrated care collaborative programme for four communities

Our integrated care collaborative programme is focused on supporting communities to make integrated care happen.

Integrated care: making it happen

We want to make integrated care a reality across the country. Use our map to find examples of integrated care, watch our animation that brings integrated care to life, and see the rest of our resources and analysis.

Making care fit for an older population

As people age, they are progressively more likely to live with complex co-morbidities, disability and frailty. Our health and care systems must transform to deal with this growing older population. See our related work and commentary on this topic.

NHS funding and finances

Financial pressures are growing, with large numbers of hospitals now in deficit. Here is a selection of our research, analysis and other content relating to NHS funding and finances.

Patient and Family-Centred Care toolkit

This toolkit provides everything you need to run the Patient and Family-Centred Care approach yourself.

Primary care

Primary care is one of the great strengths of the NHS, but it is coming under increasing strain. See a selection of our research, analysis and other content relating to primary care in England.

Public satisfaction with the NHS in 2014

The British Social Attitudes survey 2014 presents a picture of the public’s satisfaction with the way the NHS runs, with specific NHS services, such as GPs, inpatients and outpatients, and with social care provided by local authorities.

Quality in community health services

We are exploring how providers of community health services in England are monitoring, managing and improving the quality of their services.

Quarterly monitoring report

Our latest survey of finance directors shows a deepening pessimism about the current financial state of health organisations and worries about the coming financial year.

Specialists working in out-of-hospital settings

This project will look at new models of service provision in which specialists deliver, or facilitate the delivery of, care outside of the traditional hospital setting.

The evolution of clinical commissioning: learning from local experience

We are working with the Nuffield Trust to understand the development of CCGs and the challenges they face.

The Francis Inquiry report

Robert Francis’s report into the failings at the Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust was published in February 2013. Since then, issues of patient safety, quality of care and a culture of collective leadership have been in the public eye more than ever.

The new NHS

The Health and Social Care Act has created the most wide-ranging reforms since it was founded in 1948. Here we examine six key aspects of the new NHS.

The NHS at 65

The NHS turned 65 on 5 July 2013. To celebrate this special birthday, we bring you commentary and analysis of the health and social care system in England, including our animated alternative guide to the new NHS.

The NHS five year forward view

The NHS five year forward view, published in October 2014 by NHS England, sets out a positive vision for the future based around seven new models of care. Here we set out our response, and highlight our research, analysis, events and other content relevant to the main themes in the report.

Time to Think Differently

It is time to think differently about health and social care. We will be looking at the medium-to longer-term drivers of change, assessing the long-term funding requirements and exploring different models of care to help to deliver the transformation in services needed.

Urgent and emergency care

We've pulled together some information on the pressures on urgent and emergency care to help you make sense of the facts and figures behind the recent headlines.

Vision for volunteering in health

This project looked at the role, size, scope and value of volunteering in the health and social care sector, and at how the health reforms will impact on volunteering.

Where do the parties stand on health?

Although the manifestos will not be released until nearer the general election, the positions that the different parties are taking on health and social care are beginning to emerge. Here we present a quick round-up of the parties' main policy announcements.