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How healthy are we?

How healthy are we?

This guide sets out some basic facts on the health of England's population, including the main drivers of health, how it varies and is expressed in inequalities, and relevant comparisons with other countries. We have updated this guide using new data and studies.

After conference season where do the parties stand on health?

The recent party conference season saw a flurry of pledges from the main parties, and we now have a much clearer idea of some of the commitments that will make up their manifestos. So where do the three main parties stand now that the conference season is over?
Richard Murray

Richard Murray: financial failure in the NHS

Richard Murray discusses the current financial health of the NHS, the options for managing financial failure and recommendations for the future.
Financial failure in the NHS front cover

Financial failure in the NHS

What causes it and how best to manage it
Our new report explores the current financial state of the NHS, the approaches used to avert financial failure and how to deal with it once it occurs.
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The King's Fund Annual Conference 2014

High-impact approaches for long-term improvements
The King's Fund's annual conference brings together more than 300 delegates who come to the Fund to get insight into how to address the current issues affecting health and social care.
John Appleby

NHS funding: past and future

The NHS featured heavily at all three major party conferences over the past few weeks. How could it not; despite a ring-fenced budget, it is increasingly showing signs of financial strain, says John Appleby.
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NHS funding and finances

Financial pressures are growing, with large numbers of hospitals now in deficit. Looking further ahead, pressure to spend more will grow as the costs of treatment rise, public expectations increase and the population continues to age. Here is a selection of our research, analysis and other content relating to NHS funding and finances.