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Ingrid Brindle

Ingrid Brindle: a patient perspective on shared electronic health records

Patient Ingrid Brindle talks about the confidence, independence and security that she has gained from being able to access her GP electronic health records.
Past event

Realising the potential of primary care

The role of general practice
Aimed at GPs and those working in community settings, our conference offered guidance on how to provide a co-ordinated experience of care for patients. Hear a GP and patient perspective, and find out more about ChenMed's primary care-led delivery model in the United States.

Developing supportive design for people with dementia

To support clinical and care staff, managers and estates colleagues, we've produced a range of resources to enable hospitals, care homes, primary care premises and specialist housing providers to become more dementia friendly.
System leadership - Lessons and learning from AQuA's Integrated Care Discovery Communities

System leadership

Lessons and learning from AQuA's Integrated Care Discovery Communities
Our new paper seeks to identify the skills, knowledge and behaviours required of new system leaders and to learn from AQuA's Integrated Care Discovery Communities, which are attempting to combine strong organisational leadership with collaborative system-level leadership approaches.
How healthy are we?

How healthy are we?

This guide sets out some basic facts on the health of England's population, including the main drivers of health, how it varies and is expressed in inequalities, and relevant comparisons with other countries. We have updated this guide using new data and studies.

After conference season where do the parties stand on health?

The recent party conference season saw a flurry of pledges from the main parties, and we now have a much clearer idea of some of the commitments that will make up their manifestos. So where do the three main parties stand now that the conference season is over?
Richard Murray

Richard Murray: financial failure in the NHS

Richard Murray discusses the current financial health of the NHS, the options for managing financial failure and recommendations for the future.