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Urgent and emergency care mythbusters

Pressures on urgent and emergency care have been the focus of much media and political debate – but what is really happening? We examine – and debunk – some of the myths that have been generated in the debate so far.
Ayesha Janjua

What impact are senior leadership vacancies having on the already financially troubled NHS?

To deliver high-quality, compassionate care one, often overlooked, part of the equation is how to identify, recruit and retain the current and future senior leaders needed to take on this leadership challenge.
CEO infographic teaser

Leadership vacancies in the NHS infographics

We highlight some key facts and figures around leadership vacancies in the NHS.
Leadership vacancies in the NHS front cover

Leadership vacancies in the NHS

What can be done about them?
Our research with the HSJ Future of NHS Leadership inquiry highlights the difficulty NHS organisations face in recruiting and retaining people for executive positions.
What does the Autumn Statement mean for health and social care?

What does the Autumn Statement mean for health and social care?

As the dust settles on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, this is a good time to review what it told us. I think it contained three big messages: one on money, one on reform, and one on social care.
Chris Naylor

Has Dalton found a way forward for struggling organisations?

Encouraging leaders to take on new responsibilities will be challenging at a time when financial pain is driving many organisations to focus inwards rather than outwards, says Chris Naylor.

Where do the parties stand on health?

Although the manifestos will not be released until nearer the general election, the positions that the different parties are taking on health and social care are beginning to emerge. Here we present a quick round-up of the parties' main policy announcements.