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Is the NHS heading for financial crisis?

Tight control over pay and prices together with cuts in management costs meant that NHS performance held up well for the first three years of the parliament. But both performance and financial control have since declined.
Michael West

Conflict and collectivism: the challenges of working across boundaries in health care

Intellectually, the idea of working across boundaries in health care makes good sense but in practice it is not just difficult to achieve – it requires us to confront possibly our greatest flaw as a species.

The first 100 days: from promises to priorities

The big election questions
Sam Everington, Chris Hopson and Ceinwen Giles discuss the priorities for the first 100 days after the election from a commissioner, provider and patient perspective.
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The NHS in a nutshell

How is the NHS in England now structured? What does the NHS budget look like? How many hospital beds are there? In the run-up to the 2015 general election we are helping make sense of health and social care with a series of key facts and figures.
Jo Maybin

The vital signs of patient care

What is health care like for the 15 million people living with long-term conditions in England? Today 10 leading patient charities (known collectively as The Richmond Group) are publishing their assessment of the state of health care from the perspective of the people they represent.

Is the NHS being privatised?

The King's Fund verdict is our take on the big questions ahead of the general election in May 2015. Here we look at the thorny issue of NHS privatisation.
Acute hospitals and integrated care - From hospitals to health systems

Acute hospitals and integrated care

From hospitals to health systems
Our new report looks at lessons from five case studies where acute hospitals are working collaboratively with local partners to build integrated models of care - three of the sites have since been chosen as vanguards by NHS England.