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Chris Ham

A staff-led NHS? Improving patient care by engaging staff and devolving decision-making

In his new blog, Chris Ham discusses the recommendations of his review of staff engagement in the NHS. The review found compelling evidence that NHS organisations with high levels of staff engagement – where staff are strongly committed to their work and involved in decision-making – deliver better quality care.
Chris Ham: staff engagement and empowerment in the NHS

Chris Ham: staff engagement and empowerment in the NHS

Chris Ham presents the findings of his review of staff engagement and empowerment in NHS organisations for the government.

HSJ Inspirational Women 2014

The Health Service Journal (HSJ) has published its second celebration of health care's most inspirational female leaders with three of The King's Fund's staff being recognised for their work.
Medical engagement - A journey not an event

Medical engagement

A journey not an event
Our new report is based on case studies of four NHS trusts with acknowledged high levels of medical engagement. It aims to help other organisations that are seeking to create cultures in which doctors want to engage more in the management, leadership and improvement of services.
Vijaya Nath

Medical engagement: change or die

There has been a call for the most expensive assets in health care – the doctors – to step up and engage in management and leadership. We use the right words when writing about medical engagement but how do we move from rhetoric to reality and more importantly why should doctors embrace this responsibility?

Quality in community health services

Our new project is looking at how providers of community health services in England are monitoring, managing and improving the quality of their services.
Mandip Kaur

Future leaders need to lead people not organisations

Relationships and people, not skills and authority derived from powers of office, are what’s important, says Mandip Kaur as she reflects on the responses we received during our Twitter debates on some of the challenges facing emerging clinical leaders.