Learning network: re-designing systems of care

Delivering effective, high-quality integrated care for frail older people and people with long-term conditions will require comprehensive changes to our current health and care system.

The King's Fund learning networks bring together senior clinicians and managers to help them collectively overcome common challenges and learn from best practice.

Who is it for?

Senior clinicians and managers from communities involved in integrating care. Each community will be invited to bring four people to the meetings to enable representation from health and care organisations working together to secure more integrated care.

The learning network will be limited to a maximum of 6 communities and 24 participants.

How you will benefit from this programme?

The King’s Fund learning network meetings provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning, challenge, and information-sharing, and enable members to work through issues with colleagues facing similar challenges as well as providing protected time for individuals. External speakers will be invited to share insights on relevant topics, and the group will also draw on expertise from staff at the Fund, as well as our latest research and publications.

What you will do on this programme?

This new learning network has been designed to examine four critical topics:

  • self-care and management
  • population health
  • care system design
  • commissioning, contracting and payment.

The network will consist of five meetings across a 15-month period. Each meeting will focus on one of the four topics listed above with a fifth and final meeting for the group to consider how they will effect change in their own local community to secure greater service integration.

In addition, each community in the network will also be allocated three places at our conferences, providing an opportunity to learn from United Kingdom and international experts on a range of topics related to integrated care.