Why come on one of our study tours?

Here at The King's Fund we offer a range of development opportunities for leaders and managers in the NHS.

We facilitate a range of international study tours, including bespoke programmes designed to meet the specific needs of health and social care leaders from the United Kingdom and abroad. We believe there is huge value in learning from others, sharing knowledge, generating ideas and challenging assumptions by connecting with other health systems.

Our study tours provide the opportunity to explore exemplar organisations and understand first hand how they have turned strategy into practice. Because the numbers on the tours are kept small, the face-to-face time with leaders in the host organisations enables in-depth discussions.

'The point of highest value was being able to remove myself from the coal face and really look at what and how we were doing things. The ability to discuss these matters with a group of like minds was also helpful – we never had a quiet bus!'

What will you do on a study tour?

On our tours you will have the opportunity to:

  • talk to leaders in their field, in world-class organisations
  • share the reflections of peers and colleagues in the tour
  • gain the headspace to think creatively about the challenges you face at home
  • establish an ongoing learning network with fellow participants.

Each tour has a particular focus, and as the needs of health and social care leaders change, we alter and adjust our tours and visits to organisations to provide an experience that is relevant and practical.

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