Global Health Leadership Forum

This programme is for senior health care executives wishing to gain an international perspective on innovative solutions around the world.

The Global Health Leadership Forum (GHLF) is delivered by the University of California, Berkeley and was hosted by The King's Fund in London in October 2014. The programme is for health care leaders and focuses on globally-sourced innovations in health policy, technology and management

Participants consider the health policy issues and options that have been converging internationally. They learn policies and leadership approaches that work, find out which approaches have been tried and found unsuccessful, and learn about promising innovations. The programme also teaches strategies for effective policy implementation and management.

This programme features interaction with renowned programme directors and advisers, guest speakers from organisations such as the World Bank, the World Health Organization, and private industry leaders.

Who is it for?

This programme is for senior health care executives wishing to gain an international perspective on innovative solutions. In the ten years the programme has been running, more than 320 leaders from 56 countries have attended. See a list of past participants.

What will you do on this programme?

Topics covered include:

  • developing cultures to deliver collective leadership of health care 
  • global challenges and opportunities: working with pharmaceutical companies in 21st century
  • contracting and payment models
  • successes and political controversies of public-private partnerships (PPP) in Europe
  • integrated care – concrete progress in UK and Europe
  • regulation, inspection and engagement 
  • leading the future of health care – time to think differently about finance, policy, workforce, mental health with an emphasis on dementia, care of young people and the hospital of the future
  • innovation and management of cancer including an organisational visit to one of the UK’s Centres of Excellence University College London Hospitals’ NHST and a wider opportunity to learn from this world class health care facility.

The theme for the next session in April 2015 will be Leadership and the triple aim: Achieving results through innovation in health systems, payment, delivery and technology.

How will you benefit from this programme?

  • practical solutions and promising innovations
  • insights into the present and future of health care
  • sharing experiences with other health care leaders from around the world
  • enhancement of strategic leadership skills
  • join the GHLF network
  • receive earned certificate from the University of California, Berkeley, after completeion of your second session.


Speakers at the October 2014 session included:

  • Richard Scheffler, Professor of Health Economics and Health Policy, University of California, Berkeley, USA 
  • Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur, CEO and writer 
  • Richard Watson, author of Future Files and Future Minds
  • John Appleby, Chief Economist, The King's Fund
  • Dr Katy Steward, Assistant Director of Leadership Development, The King's Fund
  • Vijaya Nath, Assistant Director of Leadership Development, The King's Fund
  • Prof Chris Ham, Chief Executive of The King's Fund
  • Professor Richard Bohmer, International Visiting Fellow, The King's Fund
  • Professor Michael West, Senior Fellow, The King's Fund
  • Lord Nigel Crisp, former CEO, NHS
  • Sir Robert Naylor CEO University College  London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Molly Porter, Director, Kaiser Permanente
  • Professor Sube Banerjee, Professor of Mental Health and Aging, Institute of Psychiatry
  • Dr Peter Barnes, medical Director, Jansen-Cilag Ltd
  • Tricia Kennerley, Director of Healthcare Public Affairs, Alliance Boots