Building collaborative leadership across health and social care organisations

This programme has been designed to support chief executives to lead their organisations more effectively within the current health and social care system. It will allow leaders time and space in which to develop the skills and behaviours to support a more collaborative style of leadership.

Collaborative leadership involves creating shared vision, purpose, outcomes and values across organisations by building trust, sharing influence and finding solutions when starting from different viewpoints or priorities. In this video, previous participants on the programme discuss why they think it is important and what role collaborative leadership can play in their local systems.

Who is it for?

This programme is designed for chief executives of NHS and social care providers, clinical commissioning group chairs and chief operating officers, chairs and leaders of health and wellbeing boards. Experienced NHS leaders with plans of becoming a chief executive within the next two or three years are also invited to attend, along with voluntary sector leaders of medium-sized organisations and larger who are involved in the provision of local health and care services – who are providing an element of care perhaps for older people, children and young people.

How will you benefit from this programme?

Participating in this programme will give you:

  • a greater understanding of the challenges facing leaders across different types of health and social care organisations
  • knowledge of a variety of tools and conceptual frameworks to support collaborative leadership
  • the opportunity to identify at an individual level how you will make a tangible difference as a collaborative leader in your local health and social care system
  • strategies and tools to help you overcome the local challenges and constraints that may be hindering collaborative leadership locally
  • an understanding of the different perspectives, challenges and agendas of the different parts of the health and social care system
  • the opportunity to participate in a national network with other NHS and social care leaders.

What will you do on this programme?

This programme will explore the key ingredients required for collaborative leadership to flourish in the current health and social care environment. 

The programme comprises four sessions with an optional additional session, six months after completion of the programme. 

It will identify and support the development of key behaviours and skills associated with a more collaborative style of leadership. It will explore the style, culture and behaviour you are setting within your organisation and how this interacts with other NHS and social care organisations within your local system.  Working together collaboratively we will explore the creation of connectivity and ownership of culture that will allow collaborative leadership to flourish and secure radical change across a system. The programme will also explore key elements of new policies to support the delivery of integrated care across your local system.

Guest speakers

A selection of high-profile guest speakers will be invited to share with the group their own experience of collaborative leadership.