Why patient experience is a fundamental quality metric that will transform NHS organisations

The King's Fund, London W1G 0AN
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About this event

In our report, Patient-centred leadership: redefining our purpose, launched at The King’s Fund leadership summit in 2013, we argued that quality must become the defining purpose of the NHS and that leaders and boards need to do more to understand patient experience.

In this breakfast session, Dr Neil Bacon will address the following issues and allow time for discussion:

  • why the health service could imporve how it listens to the needs of its users
  • the power of patient experience 
  • how to turn patient feedback into continuous, actionable data to improve quality and safety
  • why patient experience is the biggest driver for improved staff morale
  • getting NHS finance directors excited about patient experience
  • how to harness patient experience in a way that makes the CQC love your NHS organisation.


Dr Neil Bacon

Founder iWantGreatCare

A graduate of the University of Nottingham, with clinical and academic positions in Oxford and Harvard, a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in London and a former nephrologist, Dr Bacon founded Doctors.net.uk, one of the world's largest doctors' networks.

With a decade of experience specialising in delivering innovative internet-based solutions to improve health care worldwide, his most recent venture, founded in 2008 is iWantGreatCare.org – a direct way for the UK public to comment on the quality of service of health care providers. Giving patients and the public unprecedented power to feed back and improve the care they receive, the company has continued to attract high-profile, widespread media coverage, as it breaks down conventional thinking and challenges professional preconceptions. iWantGreatCare is also currently one of the largest providers of the Friends and Family Test across the NHS.