Speed reading

The King's Fund, London W1G 0AN
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About this event

About this event

This day is designed to help you to increase your reading speed by two to three times and increase your awareness of accelerated learning approaches. You will learn tools and techniques for reading faster with increased levels of recall.

With increasing workloads and reduced time, it is essential for busy people to learn how to speed up their 'mind's eye' connection to absorb written data at significantly faster speeds. The course is highly practical and you will practise the new techniques you learn.

Participants will learn how to reduce the amount of time spent reading by employing effective strategies for handling memos, reports, business reading, research, mail and study materials.

Learning points:

  • the ideal state for reading
  • how to reduce the voice inside when reading in order to accelerate your reading speed
  • quickly identify the keywords that create meaning
  • how to enhance recall
  • super-fast reading strategies for different types of reading
  • methods for recall
  • the intelligent way to use your brain for learning and reading.


Michael Carroll

Founder and Course Director, NLP Academy

Michael is an expert on how people learn and specialist trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a field of study that explains clearly how the mind and body operate. Michael is a sought-after trainer and speaker who specialises in training accelerated learning methodologies.

He creates a collaborative learning environment where the interplay of conscious and unconscious learning processes fully harness the potential of each individual on a course. His unique style of delivery with metaphor, humour, questioning, and elicitation of altered states, make a learning experience with Michael memorable long after the course, with the elements of what you learnt flowing into every outlet of your life.