21st century NHS governance best practice

Governance of transformation
The King's Fund
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Board Leadership Programme

About this event

The NHS faces unprecedented change as a result of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. Changes to the statutory landscape have created new challenges for commissioners and providers alike, in an environment characterised by acute demand and resource pressures. The need for effective and expert governance has never been greater. It requires a mutual understanding of respective statutory duties and accountabilities between commissioners and providers, and a determination to work together across the system to drive aligned transformation of health and social care.

The session will explore governance priorities in the light of Francis and of profound threats to the sustainability of the NHS and the post-war welfare settlement. In particular, it will give participants the opportunity to reflect upon and debate together the implications for their own organisation of:

  • 21st century context of care and demand: resource collision.
  • the post-Health and Social Care Act 'commissioner led NHS landscape' (roles and function of NHS England).
  • The governance function (statutory duties and accountabilities of NHS and foundation trust unitary provider boards, statutory duties and accountabilities of the governing body of a CCG).
  • challenges of and need for whole system co-ordination across health and social care to develop communities of governance practice.
  • statutory 'duties of public and patient involvement' that require a collective strategy across commissioner and provider organisations.

Executive colleagues are welcome to attend this event. Please contact Tracy Nottage at t.nottage@kingsfund.org.uk to book your place.

The speaker

Paul Stanton

Paul Stanton is a Visiting Professor, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, De Montfort University, Leicester, and founder and Chief Executive of Southminster Consultancy Associates. He is a Senior Associate with Ipcenter, Vienna, where he leads the European health project development.

He has worked directly with boards and senior clinicians in more than 100 NHS trusts to support their governance development. He works with executive, clinician and senior management development programmes at The King's Fund, including their programmes for newly appointed executive board members.

Prior to the re-organisation of the NHS, Paul spent a number of years as National Director of NHS Board Development in the then National Clinical Governance Support Team and as a Senior Strategy Adviser on quality and health system regulation in the Department of Health.

At the Newcastle Business School he is currently working with the executive and governing boards of clinical commissioning groups to generate robust and cost-effective commissioning. He supports a number of newly formed local Healthwatch Groups and has recently led a majory appreciative inquiry into the impact of dementia on patients and their carers to triangulate findings from the national five-year Evidem programme.

Paul has written widely on the good public sector governance practice and on 21st century professionalism.