About leadership development

We passionately believe that leadership development should focus on developing individual performance in order to improve the performance of the team, organisation or system. Leadership development should not be about a generic competence but about how skills and behaviours can be honed and applied in the situations in which leaders find themselves, at whatever level within the organisation.

Our team

Here at The King’s Fund we have a highly talented and experienced team from a range of backgrounds who all have a strong track record of working with the NHS and sound understanding of the challenges facing leaders working in health and social care. This means that our starting point is always to understand your development needs and challenges and then to create a bespoke intervention based on your context — whether at an individual, organisational or system level.

Our leadership work

We have a long history of working with organisations to help them to understand their leadership challenges and identify the most appropriate intervention plans. We work alongside board members to examine their organisation’s culture and consider what works well and what needs to change. Our aim is to help organisations to build their own sustainable development capability and capacity.

The King’s Fund has supported the development of leadership and management in the NHS since its inception and this work has been central to the Fund’s mission to improve health and care. We are a not-for-profit organisation and the income we generate from our leadership development supports our wider policy and research activity and ensures that everything we do as an organisation supports improved patient care in the NHS.

Further information

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