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Office for National Statistics
Not Office of National Statistics

older people
Do not use the term ‘the elderly’ or ‘pensioner’ use ‘older people’ or ‘people aged 65 and over’.

Try to avoid the phrase ‘frail older people’ and use ‘older people with frailty’ or ‘older people living with frailty’.


Take care to place ‘only’ before the word or phrase it qualifies; ‘she only touched the key, but did not press it; she touched only the key, not the switch; she touched the only key’. Similarly, ‘he only played cricket’ is wrong; ‘he played only cricket’ is correct.

on to
not onto

out-of-hospital settings



Do not use this when you mean 'more than', eg, 'she waited over four hours for the train' should be '... more than four hours ...'; 'there were over 60 victims' should be '... more than 60 ...'.