The King's Fund house style: I

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ill health

one word

inner city
as noun

inner-city London
as adjective

the internet
lower-case 'i'

lacking patience

a patient who stays in a hospital while under treatment

not enquiry, for formal hearing

abbreviation for 'it is' or 'it has'

possessive, eg, 'its chief executive'

use italics for:

  • titles of publications – books, journals or periodicals, but use inverted commas not italics for the title of a chapter or article, eg, ‘Establishing the National Health Service’ in From cradle to grave: fifty years of the NHS
  • newspapers, eg, The Times, the Financial Times
  • titles of White Papers, Green Papers, published reports, etc, but do not use italics if referring to the policy in general rather than the publication, eg, the NHS Plan, the Forward View
  • plays, films, TV and radio programmes
  • paintings and sculptures
  • et al, where referring to a publication with three or more authors (Smith et al 1999).