The King's Fund house style: H

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health authority
lower case unless referring to a specific authority

health care
always two words, even when adjective

Health Secretary


homeothapy is American spelling

hospital-acquired infections

health care-acquired infections

human resources

use hyphens:

  • to join two or more separate words used adjectivally, eg:
    • we aim to provide high-quality care (but 'the care was of high quality')
    • it was a long-term project (but 'in the long term')
  • when one syllable ends and the next begins with the same letter, eg, co-ordinate
  • to join certain words, eg, compound colours (a white-and-blue uniform) and to join prefixes to words, eg, in the pre- and post-war years
  • to avoid confusion, eg, a little-used care not a little used car
  • do not use hyphen after adverbs ending -ly – eg, highly skilled workforce
  • hyphenate numbers from 21 to 99 when they are spelt out – eg, eighty-seven.